Top Beauty and Hair Care Tips

Top Beauty and Hair Care Tips

4 Facts About LED Light Therapy for Skincare

by Rosemary Powell

LED light therapy is a standard, non-invasive treatment option for many skin problems, such as acne and sun damage. Although the treatment started as a dermatologist-only performed procedure, LED light therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, with home kit therapy masks being widely used. However, before treating a skin condition, it is critical to confirm a diagnosis with a skin professional to avoid permanent skin damage. This article delves into LED light therapy for skincare.

LED Light Therapy

LED refers to light-emitting diode technology, which works by emitting infrared lights at different spectrums or wavelengths to treat different skin conditions. For example, red light promotes blood circulation in the skin, which reduces aging, while amber light encourages elastin and collagen production. Similarly, blue light is responsible for killing bacteria, while white light penetrates deep into the skin and reduces inflammation.

Advantages of LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy has become popular due to its ability to treat several skin concerns. The therapy can boost collagen production and, thus, brighten the appearance of the skin. Besides, LED light therapy repairs damaged skin cells, minimising fine skin lines and improving facial texture. Also, the skincare technology kills bacteria, which can cause adverse effects on the skin.

Preparation and Expectations 

Regardless of whether the therapy is performed at home or the dermatologist's office, you should clean your face with a cleanser to remove any dirt. Similarly, you may need to wear safety goggles for eye protection. Note that LED light therapy should be combined with other skincare routines for improved results. During the therapy, LED panels are placed a few inches from a patient's face. The panels emit LED light according to the preferred settings for a period of 15 to 20 minutes.


LED light therapy is a relatively safe procedure, at least for the most part and in the short term. Also, LED light therapy devices do not use a lot of power, which can burn the skin. However, do not throw caution to the wind when using LED light therapy devices and masks. For instance, people with underlying eye conditions or on medication that causes eye sensitivity should be aware of the potential of some devices to damage the eyes. Therefore, if you are not sure about the therapy but need it for skin treatment, the safest bet is to have an LED light therapy procedure performed by a skilled and experienced dermatologist. Your preferred professional will diagnose your condition and determine if light therapy is the best option to remedy or improve the disorder. If not, a dermatologist can offer advice on the next course of action.


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