Top Beauty and Hair Care Tips

Top Beauty and Hair Care Tips

Two Ways To Cheer Yourself up if You're Ill and Housebound

by Rosemary Powell

If you cannot leave your home much as a result of being unwell, here are some things you should do to cheer yourself up.

Pay a hairdresser to do your hair in your home

One of the many downsides of being ill and housebound is that you can't do many of the enjoyable self-care activities that you could before. For example, you may find that since you've been ill, you've got into the habit of scraping your hair into an untidy ponytail or bun, and perhaps not bothering to condition it after washing it. If this has led to it looking frizzy and feeling a bit crispy, you should consider using an at-home hairdressing service.

The reasons for this are as follows: first and foremost, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel (psychologically) after a hairdresser has cleansed, deep-conditioned and styled your hair. Having beautiful-smelling, bouncy and shiny hair for a few days will help you to remember how much better you tend to feel when you take care of your external self as much as your internal self.

This could motivate you to, for example, start getting a fortnightly at-home blow-dry from the hairdresser, as well as begin giving yourself pedicures or taking scented bubble-baths once a week. The boost you get from taking care of yourself and seeing the positive effect this has on your appearance could then make being housebound slightly less depressing.

Secondly, the simple act of having a hairdresser carefully wash your hair, massage your scalp and then style your hair could be very restorative and relaxing and may ease some of the tension you feel as a result of being ill.

Sign yourself up for a haircare or skincare subscription box

You should also consider signing yourself up for a haircare or skincare subscription box. If you do this, the subscription company will send you a selection of sample-sized and full-sized haircare or skincare items that you can try out. This will allow you to maintain the style your hairdresser created during their visit and will provide you with a selection of new and interesting beauty products that you can experiment with and enjoy the effects of, even if you are likely to be housebound for quite a while.

Because it will take quite a while to finish each of the products you're sent, you'll also find that as the months go by and you receive more subscription boxes, you build up a collection of luxurious beauty products that you can dip into on days when you're feeling especially low about your situation and need a boost.


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